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by davenathanson on April 4, 2011

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It is easy to find a chart that shows the translation from alphabet to Morse code. And those are easy to use when you want to EnCode or translate words into Morse code. The regular chart is optimized for translation in this direction because it is sorted alphabetically.

But what happens when you want to translate Morse code into alphabet? That is difficult with the usual Morse Code table because it is not sorted by dots and dashes. You have to hunt through the whole alphabet to find the matching Morse code.

Here is a novel approach to DeCoding Morse. Start with your finger at “Start Here”. Then move your finger to track the Morse dots & dashes. You will arrive at the correct letter! Try it!

You may download nice clean PDF all ready to print. The chart without numbers (as shown above) is simpler to look at and easier to use if you don’t need to decode numbers. I hope you find this useful, or at least amusing.

Download Morse DeCode Chart, A-Z (without numbers, as shown above)

Download Morse DeCode Chart complete with A-Z and Numbers (I left off the punctuation & symbols for simplicity).


A ·­ N ­· 1 ·­­­­
B ­··· O ­­­ 2 ··­­­
C ­·­· P ·­­· 3 ···­­
D ­·· Q ­­·­ 4 ····­
E · R ·­· 5 ·····
F ··­· S ··· 6 ­····
G ­­· T ­ 7 ­­···
H ···· U ··­ 8 ­­­··
I ·· V ···­ 9 ­­­­·
J ·­­­ W ·­­ 0 ­­­­­
K ­·­ X ­··­
L ·­·· Y ­·­­
M ­­ Z ­­··

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