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by davenathanson on May 9, 2015

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It’s really not that big of a deal.
But sequence DOES matter.
And if you have access to your database via phpMyAdmin, that might be handy in case anything goes wrong, you can fix it. The database doesn’t get moved, but it will hold the URLs we are editing below.

1) Clear out any cruft from the root of your web dir. Especially any index.html or index.php files. If anything needs to stay at the root, you can put it back in a sec, but for now move it elsewhere.

2) Login to WP as an admin. Deactivate your caching plug-in. Purge all caches now.

3) Go to Administration -> Settings -> General.
Change the WordPress Address from to
Change the Site Address address from to

4) Using FTP, move the all WP files (but not the enclosing folder) from their “wordpress1” dir to root of the web folder. EXCEPT your old index.html either leave that behind, or rename it to anything else. Or- leave it in place to hide the whole WP site if you’re not ready to deploy. index.html usually has priority over index.php.

You will now have a root dir full of all the WP files that used to be in the WP dir.

5) Log into your WordPress at  Hopefully it totally works. 😉
Just to be sure, Check Administration -> Settings -> Permalinks to ensure the link structure is still good.

6) You *may* need to open each page or post & find/Replace the old URL with the new URL. For example, if the old WP site was buried in and the new URL is you’d do a find/replace for the old URL & replace with the new URL. A few things may still need fixing, like maybe a header graphic. You can relink or reupload.

If I left anything out, web search for “move wordpress to root”

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Sometimes your email server gets a new SSL security certificate, or you have just set up your email account for the first time on this computer. In those cases, you may need to accept & save the email servers SSL security certificate. This works well with Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and up, it is possible, but more difficult in 10.4 (Tiger) and earlier. Below are screen pictures from Apple Mail (OS X10.5.8), other systems will be similar. What we need to do is to tell the computer that it is OK to trust this mail server, even if the name does not exactly match. For the moment, I’m assuming that you are connecting to the correct server, and we are not in the middle of an attack. We just need to clear out this annoying message.
The problem looks like this. ” The identity of cannot be verified. ”

1_dialog_cert unVerified


If you just click “Connect” you will be OK but only until Mail is restarted. Then it will ask again. What we need to do is to tell the computer that it is OK to trust this mail server, even if the name does not exactly match. If you pay a lot more for email than most people do, you can buy a unique SSL certificate just for your domain name, but that is beyond the scope of this article.  So what we are going to do is click the button for “Show Certificate” This reveals a checkbox that says; Always trust * when connecting to Yes, we want to put a check mark in that box! Then press the button to “connect”.

2_Verify cert Trust xbox

The computer will ask for your admin password to save this certificate. Enter that & you’re all set.

3_Cert trust pw req

It may ask you again if you have multiple email accounts on different servers. Go ahead & run through this again for those, if necessary.


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