How To Use A Tivo universal Remote to Control a Sony AVR Receiver STR-DE597


For those of you who have a Tivo, and also have a Sony AV Receiver model STR-DE597 this is for you. You may have noticed that none of the Tivo provided remote codes are able to control the volume on your Sony STR-DE597. Of course there is a trick. It is possible (and easy!)

On the Sony AVR Receiver model STR-DE597- the command mode must be changed on the receiver to AV1. The receiver and the remote are factory set to AV2. Unfortunately, the Sony remote can not speak AV1. The side effect of this change will make the receiver not listen to the original Sony remote anymore. No big deal, you can always swap this back if you really need some special function on the remote, even temporarily. But the good news is that after you do this, your regular Tivo remote will be able to control the volume & mute on that Sony Audio Video Receiver.

How To Change The Receiver To AV1 And then use a preset code from a universal remote.

1. On the Sony STR-DE597 receiver press I/O to turn the power OFF.
2. Then on the receiver hold down ENTER and press I/O this will switch Receiver to Av1.
That’s the whole trick! You can now use your Tivo remote or universal remote to adjust the receiver’s volume.

If you need/want to change this back, just repeat to toggle between the AV1 and AV2 command sets.

Note: Other Sony AV receivers may have a different but similar trick. On some you substitute the “input Mode” button for the “Enter” button mentioned above. Some other universal remotes may use code 1058 instead of 1059 to control this Sony after switching it to AV1. Or you can use a learning remote instead.

To program the Tivo remote to control your Sony receiver:

1. Press the Tivo button and the mute button at the same time for 5 seconds, until the red light on the remote stays lit.

2. On the Tivo remote, enter the code for your device.
For the Sony STR-DE597 code 1059 worked for me.
Wait a couple of seconds for the remote to stop flashing, then
3. try the volume up/down buttons, and mute. With any luck, you’re in charge! :-)


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